Let's All Spend Time On A Monday Morning And Rewatch A Bunch Of The SNL Celebrity Jeopardy Skits

It seems only fitting to sit back and rewatch some celebrity jeopardy after the passing of both Sean Connery and Alex Trebek. By far one of the best, if not the best, recurring skit of the SNL era we grew up with. Darrell Hammond as Connery, Will Ferrell as Trebek. It was perfect casting. We even had Hammond paying respects to Trebek yesterday on Twitter 

I know it wasn't either of them but the line 'you wagered Texas with a dollar sign' will always make me chuckle. No idea why. It's just such a hilarious line. 

Now enjoy the best of Sean Connery 

And who could forget when Trebek showed up during a skit? 

RIP to two GOATs.