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Lou Williams, Who Once Dated 'Brown' And 'Blonde', Giving Advice To A Guy On How To Get His Two Girlfriends To Meet Each Other Is The Life Advice We All Need

Life advice is a tricky thing. You have to find the right person to ask. If you are the person giving said advice you have to say your words carefully as to not offend the other person and really drive your point home. Sure, it might be what they don't want to hear but you have to be honest with that person. That's why we need Lou Williams to continue to give life advice. Specifically that's why we need Lou Williams to give life advice about having two girlfriends considering the man lived that with 'Brown' and 'Blonde.' 

Now the real story here is having two girlfriends. That's too much work. Sure, if you can have a threesome that's a win, but for the regular joe that ain't lasting long. It's more about double duty. Those are extra dates you have to go on that you have no desire to go on. Imagine having to go apple picking or some shit twice. No thank you. Then you have to calm one down if they get jealous of the other and god forbid you piss both off at the same time? Do you know how much yelling that is? That just sounds miserable. 

But Lou is right, you don't introduce your two girlfriends. They introduce you to each other. That's how he went. He was dating one, who was dating the other. Bam that's how you end up with two girlfriends. I just want to send random tweets to Lou Williams about life advice. We really need to make that a thing. The man has lived with some outrageous stories from taking a guy trying rob him to McDonald's to winning $15k on a drinking bet. I'm pretty sure we could ask him any sort of life advice and he'd have an answer. 

PS: Still the funniest tweet of the whole saga: