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Lou Williams Was Once Robbed At Gunpoint & Then The Robber Apologized Before They Had A Meal Together

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 10.05.15 PM

I know this is an old story but it’s circling around the Internet and TV waves again. What a story, man. Imagine both sides of this here. You’re Lou Williams. You getting your haircut, getting ready to leave. A dude comes up and throws a gun at you trying to rob you. Personally? I’d like to think I’d act collected in this situation. By that I mean lose my shit and do whatever the person with said gun asked me to do.

Oh and on top of this all it was Christmas Eve. Just absolutely crazy to think about.

How about the respect for Lou too. Apologizing for trying to rob him because of everything he does for the city. That’s just something I know I’ll never have and it’s crazy to think there are people out there that could stop a robbery simply by being them.

So shout out Lou Williams for trying to talk this guy straight. I can assume it’s probably not easy to be kind to a dude that just pulled a gun on you and was ready to rob you, but that’s something that Lou Williams can do.

Just an insane story all around.