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'Damn! How Are We Going To Carry Lou?' - The Story Of Sixers Players Betting A 19-Year Old Rookie Lou Williams $15,000 He Couldn't Finish A 6-Pack On The Team Bus

(Starts around the 8:15 mark)

Chalk this one up as one my favorite NBA gambling stories. Lou Williams out here as a 19-year old rookie on the Sixers and he even admits he didn't drink at the time. So, sure, a 6-pack doesn't sound that rough now, but think back to when you didn't drink. Good luck chugging those on what they said was a short bus ride to the plane.

I can't imagine a worse plane ride though. Think of all the hungover flights you've been on. Think of the ones where you had a bit too much to drink in the terminal. Now imagine this being the first time you were really drunk. No thank you. Keep my ass on the ground for that. 

There's gotta be very few better feeling for rookie Lou Williams though. Remember, he wasn't a high draft pick - he went in the middle of the second round. He said his salary was $450,000 (nothing to laugh at, but in the grand scheme of things still not a lot). Getting that extra $15,000 goes A LONG way, especially when you get it for just drinking a 6 pack of beer. 


That said I do want to know more. I want to know exactly how long this bus ride was. I want to know what exact beer he drank. I want to know how long the plane ride was. I'm absolutely fascinated by this story because of how dumb the bet is. This is something you'd bet with your buddies now. We hear all the stories of high stakes cards, dice, etc. Give me more drinking games stories from the NBA.