Kendall Jenner, Nicole Shiraz, Vanessa Hudgens And Now Supermodel Winnie Harlow? NO ONE Is Having A Better Year Than Kyle Kuzma

What a goddamn year for Kyle Kuzma. First off, he stayed on the Lakers as he was rumored to be part of the trade for Anthony Davis. New Orleans is obviously an awesome city, but he gets to play on the Lakers, in Los Angeles and be part of a team that was going to compete for a title. Not a bad gig to be the 4th or 5th player on the court for. George only had one summer, Kuzma has had the whole damn year: 

Now be ready for a lot of pictures, because that's why you clicked. I understand the game. So let's get into the year. As I said he avoided being traded to New Orleans. That happened on June 15. Fast forward to July 4 weekend and he's on a yacht with Kendall Jenner: 

Then in August he's playing on Team USA. Okay, that didn't work out as well because that Team USA roster sucked but he still gets to say he played on Team USA. He also went to Australia and got linked up with Nicole Shiraz: 

Unfortunately she deleted her IG, but trust me. She's a smoke. It was a quiet few months for Kuzma then. The season started, so that makes sense. It also took him some time to get going with the new team, but again he's on the goddamn Lakers. That was until January when he took a liking to Vanessa Hudgens. They went to dinner and then Hudgens was chugging some beers at Madison Square Garden watching Kuzma and the Lakers: 

Yeah, sure, she might be crazy and off the deep end but pretty hot! Oh and you thought quarantine was going to stop Kyle Kuzma from shooting his shot? I don't think so. It started with a TikTok star: 

And now we have him dating Winnie Harlow. Harlow is actually an awesome story. According to Wikipedia: 

She is of Jamaican ancestry and has two sisters. She was diagnosed with the chronic skin condition vitiligo, characterized by depigmentation of portions of the skin, at the age of four. Harlow was a victim of bullying by other children and was reportedly called a “cow, zebra, and all manner of other disparaging slurs” throughout her childhood. The verbal harassment led to her changing schools numerous times and dropping out of high school, after which she contemplated committing suicide.

She is now a supermodel and was discovered by Tyra Banks. Pretty good person to discover you in the model world. It's like saying Michael Jordan found Kyle Kuzma for basketball. What a goddamn year for Kyle Kuzma. For a guy who played hoops at Utah, late 1st round pick and now this. People will be talking about the 2019-20 version of Kuzma for years.