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Kyle Kuzma Shoots His Shot With TikTok Star Addison Rae

How are NBA players handling their Coronavirus break? Oh, well, as Quigs pointed out, they are just SIMPing over TikTok stars:

For those of you who don't know what the hell is going on: Kuzma is lip-syncing the song "Addison Rae," by rapper The Kid Laroi.  Who is this Addison Rae? If you asked this to a 15-year-old they would look at you like you asked them who is LeBron James. How do you not know who LeBron James is? Addison Rae, a member of The Hype House, currently has 31 MILLION followers on TikTok. That's a lot of followers for a 19-year-old (like how I threw that in there? Don't say I'm not looking out for you).

Addison, also, has 10.9 million followers on Instagram:

Now, Kuz is shooting his shot with Addison Rae. Will it work? We'll see. Kuzma has had his success in the past, namely Kendall Jenner.

If I'm being completely honest, the only shots Kuz should be shooting right now is in the gym. Of players that have played over 1250 minutes this season in the NBA, Kuzma ranks 15th worst in the entire league according to FiveThirtyEight. Players such as Cody Zeller, Markelle Fultz, and Austin Rivers have all been better than him. 

Get your ass in the gym, Kuz. Or LeBron is gonna send your ass to Charlotte. Think Addison Rae is going to come visit you there? NOPE.