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How The Hell Does Kyle Kuzma Focus During A Game With Vanessa Hudgens Chugging Beers In The Crowd?

Just an honest, quick question. How the hell does Kyle Kuzma focus on the basketball court as Vanessa Hudgens (who he went on a date with, as Greenie blogged) is sitting in the stands, chugging a beer and watching you. I understand he's a professional. But everyone who has ever played knows the pressure of performing when your guy or gal are in the stands. It's just different. Plus, look at her. 

Fucking Kuzma. Maybe the Knicks should trade for him. If he can drop 10 and 7 this knowing that she's there to watch him, I'm listening to trade offers. So just a quick question - how the hell do you concentrate during a game with Vanessa Hudgens there chugging beer, knowing you're likely hanging out after the game?