At The End Of The Day, Kyle Kuzma Stays Winning

(TMZ) - Vanessa and Kyle look like they're enjoying each other's company ... smiling and laughing over a bottle of red wine. It's a super-intimate setting too, with the small table and all.

Kyle's definitely making the most of his night off in the Big Apple ... the Lakers are in town to play the Knicks Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden, fresh off a shellacking at the hands of the rival Celtics Monday night in Boston.

As you know ... Vanessa just broke up with Austin after 9 years of dating, and she's clearly ready for a new slate.

Kuz is a bit of a ladies man himself ... we've seen him grab a handful of cheeks in Miami, and hang on a yacht with Kendall Jenner ... so he's definitely got game off the court.

It's not quite clear if Vanessa and Kyle are on a date here ... we've reached out to their reps, no word back so far.

Kyle Kuzma is basically public enemy #1 right now for Lakers fans, a guy they are ready to ship out of town for some sort of deadline deal. Find a way to flip him and some additional pieces for Derrick Rose, he certainly didn't help his case with his performance in last night's beatdown against the Celtics. But this right here is a quick reminder that despite it all, Kyle Kuzma stays winning. For starters he's in the NBA at 24 in an incredible city playing for a premiere franchise. Life could be worse. What's funny about this whole thing is Twitter already had this scooped

Something tells me Kuzma isn't going to give a shit if you think he should be traded. This just goes to show you don't even have to be all that good and you can still find your way into dinner with Vanessa Hudgens. Listen I hate the Lakers as much as the next guy but you gotta respect Kuzma for this. She hits you up in your comments on Instagram and boom you're already at dinner together before the Lakers play the Knicks. That's a life I cannot even begin to comprehend, mostly because I'm a 32 year old blogger and not a young NBA player that is either going to ride LeBron to the Finals or get traded somewhere that will let him shoot 20 times a game. 

Fucking Kyle Kuzma. At least this is a shot he'll probably make.