WARNING: 100% Of My Focus Is Now On Rough N' Rowdy And Junkyard Lou Remains Unchained #RNR2


ICYMI: The Eagles won the Super Bowl. It was fun. Now it’s back to business…and we’re onto #RnR2.

Have I been training thus far? Maybe. Maybe not. Who’s to say? Perhaps I have been sitting on my balls and boozing my face off with my brothers to the tune of the greatest championship of my life. Or possibly I’ve been going hard behind the scenes and don’t post when I train every single time like some schoolboy desperate for attention whenever they go to the gym. I suppose we’ll find out in the ring. Either way, Lightswitch Lou does NOT want to go back to the old ways. We both need another victory to notch in our belts, and Junkyard Lou is officially unchained throughout Rough N’ Rowdy. This motherfucking Blitzcraig* is going motherfucking West* for that motherfucking ass!!!

*Blitzkrieg and South to Morgantown, but just as Belushi was rolling when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, I wasn’t stopping Junkyard Lou.

But here we are. February 16th. 1 week to go. 100% focused. More to come with the next episode of 24/7, but it’s time to get another W. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FIGHT FOR $9.99!