Rough N Rowdy 2 Main Event Is Official - 20 Dollar Chef Vs. Smitty On Feb 16th From Morgantown WV

Another interesting matchup here for Rough N Rowdy 2 where I legit have no idea who will win.   Like no idea.  I know this though.  This is Smitty’s time to shine.  He has never been the center of attention here at Barstool.  His biggest highlights is getting berated by Nate and falling down on purpose.  This is his moment to grab the spotlight.   It’s the quietest 7 year career in the history of Barstool Sports.  Now he’s the main event.

Oh and he’s kind of right.  I didn’t even know he snuck in with a bunch of old people to sing the national anthem till I watched this video.

PS – As always if you missed RNR 1 it’s way more than just one fight. The entire night is chaos. People once again said it was the best 16 bucks they’d ever spent. This time it will be myself and Pat McAfee on the call. Tell your friends, tell your enemies. Tell everybody to buy it. We sold 34K pay per views last time. We shoulda sold 60. We bought an entire new Pay Per View system so and have added new bells and whistles. It should be a great night per usual.