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A Quick Thank You To All The Stoolies


Let’s get one thing straight before I get into the sappy Shit. I’m rich you’re not. I’m big your small. I have great hair in the front. You don’t. I delivered newspapers you didn’t. And on and on the list goes.

But I’d be crazy not to realize that NONE of this happens without the Stoolies. I actually think about how far barstool has come a lot lately. From me moving home to live with my parents to start this thing, to me driving my astroban around on a 48 hour per route every week, to the First Lady forcing me to get a job that I quit at lunchtime on my first day cause she thought Barstool was a failure, to getting my first 25k ad deal, to getting an office in Milton, to now having 2 floors and 50 full time employees in Manhattan. The fact that almost every kid graduating college in the northeast would kill to work for us. It’s all insane to me. All I wanted when I started this thing was a job I didn’t hate. I would have been content making 60k a year working for myself. And now we’re here. On the verge of something potentially huge. It honestly doesn’t feel real sometimes.

This is the long way of saying thank you. Thank you to all the true Stoolies out there. To all our early message board Stoolies. To the new ones who may just be entering college. There just isn’t another fan base quite like ours for a publication. Where our crowd is legitimately vested in our success. Where they root for us. Where they support us. Where they attack our enemies. It’s like a huge extended family. I wish I could say I know how this happened or why it happened, but I honestly don’t. My best guess is normal dudes just root for normal dudes. And despite me owning a palatial estate in Nantucket that’s what I am. That’s what all our guys are. It’s been a wild wild ride and hopefully the best is yet to come.

So again I wanted to thank all the Stoolies out there for their continued support. I know lots of guys were worried we’d change when Chernin bought us. Hopefully we proved we’re never changing this past year. Yes we’re trying to do more. More video, radio and hopefully tv. But the content is the same. The us vs. the world mentality is the same. We’ve built a really unique thing here. And we’ve done it our way our way every step of the way. We’ve zigged when everybody else has told us to zag. We’ve seen more enemies fall by the wayside than I can even remember. We’ve weathered more storms than I can recall. We’ve never compromised (except Brady dick when the cops showed up at my house) The only thing that had allowed us to stay the course and continue to do us is knowing that we have the unwavering support of the Stoolies. It’s easy to have a backbone if you know when shit hits the fan you have an army backing you up and that’s always how I’ve felt with Barstool. So again I say thank you to all the stoolies and happy new year.