Love How They're Plopping The New Girl Intern Down Directly Next To Nate

The hatchet has almost been buried between #TeamSmitty and #NecrophiliaNate. I said almost, hence why the Necrophilia still stands. And it should. The thing blatantly went after my job in front of the new CEO (who I didn’t meet at that point), said I buy all my Twitter followers, and was the catalyst in the war between me and my former mogul of a coworker. But that video is too laugh out loud funny not too blog. I’ve said it before, I love the little guy. Not like how someone can have feeling for a spouse or friend. More like how a man can love a gerbil. So I’m not gonna rag on Nate like some people one jackass in the office does by calling him Creeper and insinuating he’s Buffalo Bill. Even though after that half-second head turn Nate already knows Maria’s hair color, hobbies, and social security number. The dude’s like Jason Bourne of observation when it comes to calculating his prey. But I promise I won’t call “Dibs” in any way, shape, or form on any woman in the office within Nate’s scent. That’s Spags’ job.

In all seriousness though, keep an eye out for #NateAtNight kicking off in a couple of weeks. Should be one hell of a good time. Just check out the logo. It’s like the Bat Signal, if Batman was into skinning ferrets.