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I can’t WAIT to screw my cousin over Thanksgiving break.

So one of my many English cousins, Brendan Loughnane, is in town this weekend. 

But instead of being here to visit the disappointing American branch of our family tree, Brendan is here to fight Bubba Jenkins for $1 million and the PFL featherweight championship. 

Shaun Brooks. Shutterstock Images.

And if when he wins, I will be borrowing somewhere in the neighborhood of three to five thousand dollars from him… A loan that I have no intention of ever repaying… Thereby fucking my cousin. 

If you can’t make it to the Hulu Theatre at MSG on Friday night to see it live (my whole family will be octagon-side) then you can tune into ESPN+ PPV and catch 12 different fighters vying for 6 different PFL belts and 6 separate million dollar checks all on one card. 

Good luck, Brendan, and apologies in advance.

Take a report.