Meatball Molly Leg Kicked Robbie Fox Straight To The Emergency Room

Pray for Robbie Fox. That young man just took a VICIOUS leg kick from our very own Meatball Molly McCann who is a professional MMA fighter in the UFC and a former professional soccer player. People, she did not hold back. She kicked this man’s leg like you’d kick a kickball on the playground. Basically the crow hop version of kicking something. Incredible power. The sound it makes on impact is frightening. Thank god it was Bob and not me, I might not have been able to stand after it. THE LEG KICK IS IN THE EPISODE AT THE END OF THE BEGINNING PORTION OF THE PODCAST WITH MOLLY.

Along with the deadly leg kick Molly joined the show to talk about her experience almost getting into a fight at the Serrano/Taylor fight, we broke down UFC274 and gave our picks and we had on PFL stars Kayla Harrison and Anthony Pettis on for interviews before their fights Friday night (PFL main card starts on ESPN2 at 9pm, prelims on ESPN+ at 6pm). Definitely one of our best episodes. Make sure to watch on Youtube or listen wherever you listen to your podcasts it‘s available on all platforms. LIKE, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE PLEASE!!!