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Pitching in the big leagues is impossible

Welcome back to " I'm better than that athlete". This is the blog where the loud mouth couch potato tries to convince himself as well as others that he could've been a pro. Al Bundy is not the only man that has had dreams of being in the pros. Al felt that he could be an NFL quarterback while Josh Pray feels that he would've been the greatest athlete in history given the chance. And atlas, here we are, doing another video where I fell miserably. It isn't that my mind isn't an all world athlete, its just my! I was challenged by throwers of baseballs to try pitching after my home run dreams died on in the infield. And I arrogantly took the challenge. With brave hearts, a gut that would give Peter griffin a run for his month and the attitude of a thousand men in the middle of a CVS on football Saturday in search of cookies that are only sold by them! I've come to terms with reality. I may not be as athletic as I think and baseball has humbled me more than pie ever could.