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Brett Favre Is A Reminder That Humans Aren't God

Goodmorning to all of those whom will read pass this point. I'm in a constant awe of how humans regard other humans as god like. Not that I don't have my own heroes and entertainers that have me impressed with some of the feats that they accomplish in their career fields and lives. It's just, I think as an adult I've learned to separate fact from fantasy. Enter Brett Favre. One of the greatest signal callers that NFL has ever seen. Super Bowl champion and jean pants wearer, he's been on the wrong side of the tabloids a few times or more throughout his public career. Now it seems that "fate" has reared its karmatic (I made that word up) head again. This time it involves receiving money that Mr. Favre may have not been eligible for. I am nobody to Judge nor will I ever be, so with all of this being said...enjoy.