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Barstool's Most Dangerous Game Show Turns Into A LITERAL Blood Bath (Episode 2 Recap)

This first competitor to be eliminated from Barstool's Most Dangerous Game was Billy Football, and by all accounts he took it great. AND, by great I mean he destroyed the camp. 

Billy was gone because instead of keeping his mouth shut, he blabbed to the entire camp about how I needed to be the next to go. I eliminated the immediate threat, and plan to keep hunting. Tommy Smokes is snaking his way through the game, but at least he is willing to work with people and keep his word. I figured everyone would want to eliminate Tommy and he would be MUCH more of a distraction, but Sydnie and Jordyn were eating out of the palm of his hand. Still, my plan is simply to keep winning the competitions and control who goes home. BUT, for now I'm a sitting duck in the mansion. 

The mansion has air conditioner and real mattresses (could you tell this episode was sponsored by Mattress Firm?), but that doesn't make up for the fact that in the mansion you are in limbo, unable to control your own fate in the next challenge. For Bri, Sas, and myself, we hung out at the mansion until it was time to see who would control the elimination. That meant exploring an old spooky ass tree house, playing pool, and some strategy talk.

Meanwhile at the camp, Tommy Belichick had his team huddled around the campfire going over the X's and O's, drawing up plays for someone's early demise. From the talk at camp it seems like Bri or myself will be on the chopping block for whoever at the camp gets power. 

To decide who gets the power, it's time for challenge #3 - The Blood Bath.

Tommy, Smitty, Jordyn, and Sydnie trudging through a tub of blood, guts, and full body parts, looking for balls with their competitors names on them in order to eliminate them via dunk tank. 

BUT,  as always, there was a catch. When the player is sitting on the dunk tank, Rone blindly reaches into a bucket for a bone with someone's name on it. Whoever's name is drawn has the ability to say if that person gets dunked, or stays in the game. 

After a pathetic performance from Tommy and Smitty, the last two competitors remaining were Sydnie and Jordyn. At this point in the game these two have such a strong alliance, they are the same player to me. A hive mind acting as one. It didn't matter who won elimination, because I felt like the same decision would be made. Sydnie definitely deserved to win, but I was willing to listen to Jordyn. Jordyn made what I thought to be the smart move, taking the fall and letting Sydnie wield the power. 

 Sydnie wins, and now holds the power of elimination. Who will be the next target? I didn't know until watching the episode how badly Sydnie wanted me out, so I am now surprised I wasn't her first victim 

I felt confident that I wouldn't be going home after Sydnie and I had a conversation. I told her before she wasn't in my sights for elimination, so she had nothing to worry about from me. I had no problems with the hive mind as long as they had no problems with me. My goal is to not step on toes and keep winning power of elimination.

At final elimination whether Sydnie wanted to send me home or not, it didn't matter. I won immunity after being voted into the mansion for another night. Being in the mansion blows dick holes for my "win power of elimination every time" strategy.  Live to see another day, but I wish I was living to fight another day. 

It came down to the 3 people in the mansion not having numbers over the 4 in the camp. The small tiff at elimination between Bri and Jordyn was interesting. I say small tiff because it's nothing compared to the drama that unfolds down the road …