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There's A New Brisket King Of New York

Last week I made the trip over to Brooklyn to help out my guy Ruben of Bark Barbecue compete in the 2022 Brisket King NYC. 

Now obviously the BBQ scene in New York isn't necessarily on the same level as other places around the country Texas. But that would be like showing up to a high school football game and judging the game based on the standards set by the pros. It's not like high school football shouldn't exist just because it's not on the same level as the NFL. And the thing about high school football games is there's a chance you could be watching a future star in the making. Which is where I'd categorize Bark Barbecue. Because this man is changing the game. For starters, you're not going to find a better set up than this in NYC. 

A 1000-gallon pit and another 500-gallon offset. 1500 gallons of barbecue greatness. Just wood and fire. No gas, no electronics, no nothing. And it's not just the meats, either. They bring it and they bring it heavy with the sides. Dominican cornbread and maduros, which is a fried sweet plantain, 

So he may not have come out on top as THE Brisket King of 2022. But you combine all that together and that's how you win the Brisket King Best Bite award. 

Sidenote #1: Congrats to Joe Musngi of SmoKING of Meats, who took home the crown as this year's Brisket King of New York. 

Sidenote #2: Brisket King is technically a BBQ competition but it's also more of a festival. I'd love to get out to either Memphis In May or the American Royal competitions one of these days. So if anybody knows of a crew competing in either of those that wants an extra hand, you know where to find me.