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Rivalry Weekend Is Here In College Lacrosse

Well, boys and girls, here we are. It's the final full weekend before that calendar flips over to May. The regular season is winding down and we've got a great slate full of bad blood to look forward to this weekend. Army v Navy. Maryland at Hopkins. Virginia and Syracuse. Michigan and Ohio State. Harvard v Princeton. Mercer and Jacksonville. All the heavy hitters. 

Now obviously some of these rivalries have taken a hit this year due to one of the teams being...well...not good. I don't think anybody is expecting Hopkins vs Maryland to be much of a game by the time the 2nd half rolls around. Virginia vs Syracuse could potentially be a blood bath if Virginia is healthy. And long gone are the days of Navy being a nasty program. But still. The sun is out, the skies are blue, the birds are chirping, and we've got a great weekend of college lax ahead of us. So get yourself ready for Rivalry Weekend with the latest episode of The Crease Dive where we recapped Notre Dame's beatdown over UNC last night, got into some segments, unveiled the official Crease Dive Top 10 rankings, and gave our picks and previews for the games this weekend. 

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