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Who Created The High Five? - Barstool Rundown - October 13, 2021


FTX is the world’s most popular mobile app for cryptocurrency tracking and trading. 

Build your portfolio and follow the prices of more than 10,000 coins. 

 Barstool College Football Show x FTX Student Crypto Giveaway: 

In addition to our college football Top 10 rankings in from the Barstool CFB Show, we created a Top 10 Leaderboard of students signing up for verified FTX accounts and are giving away massive prize pools of crypto to the leaders, including a $100,000 prize split among sign-ups for the number 1 school. All you have to do is sign up for FTX using your .edu email address, and that will get your school higher on the board.

Visit the app store, download FTX for free, and sign up using your .edu email to increase your school’s chances to win.


You don’t need rules to lose weight, just the knowledge and wisdom to help you build smarter, more sustainable habits.

Noom’s Cognitive Behavioral approach helps you unlearn bad habits, and better understand your relationship with food. 

One size does not fit all. Choose your goals and Noom will personalize a weight-loss program to you.

80% of Noom users finish the program and over 60% have stuck with their goals for at least a year.

With Noom, taking care of your health is empowering instead of stress-inducing.

  • No need to fear ruining the whole program with one off day. Noom will help you get back on track.

  • All you need is a daily 10-minute check in. No grueling early mornings or huge chunks out of your day.

Start building better habits for healthier, long-term results. Sign up for your trial at Noom.COM/RUNDOWN.