"Tax The Rich" - Barstool Rundown - September 14th, 2021

With most grooming products, guys are forced to make compromises. If you want better ingredients, you have to pay a ridiculous amount. If you go for the cheaper mainstream brands, you’re getting artificial ingredients that aren’t great for your skin. 

With Every Man Jack, you don’t need to make compromises. All of their naturally derived grooming products are made with the highest quality ingredients, without the crazy price tag.

All their products smell fantastic, with outdoor inspired scents like sea salt, sandalwood, and citrus. The scents are fresh and subtle - not overpowering - and they last all day.

Your body wash shouldn’t be neon green or contain a bunch of chemicals you can’t pronounce. Every Man Jack products have ingredients like activated charcoal to suck out dirt, shea butter to deliver intense hydration and volcanic clay to detoxify. 

And they don’t just make body wash. Every Man Jack offers grooming products for your whole body. Check out their beard products, hair thickening shampoos or anti-aging skincare line too.

These products are good for your body and also the planet. All bottles are made from recycled plastic, their formulations are cruelty free and a portion of proceeds go to the National Forest Foundation. 

For a limited time, Stoolies can get 15% off their first Every Man Jack order with promo code BARSTOOL. Plus, free shipping on all orders over $40. Check them out at everymanjack.com/barstool. That’s everymanjack.com/barstool.