Barstool Backstage Episode 4 Featuring Pauly D

If you ask anybody that knows Pauly D, they'll tell you quite simply "he's the man". 

Humble. Polite. Hard working. And nice. 

He's a blue-collar kid from Providence that's self-made as they come and doesn't take for granted the breaks he's got along the way. 

He went from selling cars during the day, to DJing all hours of the night and back to the showroom floor in the morning on an endless loop every week until a producer reached out to him on Myspace and he was catapulted onto one of the most popular TV shows of our generation. 

He's won over countless fans, girls and guys alike, and has continued to build his brand through music and TV spinoffs post Jersey Shore

Oh and he's a huge fan of The Dozen...

As you'll see from the video, his shows sell out from coast to coast and are absolutely wild. He puts on a great performance and is a natural on the mic. 

Offstage he's down to earth and laid back. Loves motorcycles, Italian food, chicks, the Pats, and lifting. A real guy's guy.

We hope you enjoy the interview because this was a really fun one to do. Huge thank you to Pauly. 

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