Behind The Scenes Of Barstool HQ In New York City | Beef House Volume 20

Welcome back to Beef House - the Barstool Chicago biweekly round up. This week we have the longest cold open in Beef House history as I do my best to track down some booze juice leading into our Dozen Trivia matchup. We left out any spoilers this week so don't be bashful if you haven't seen it yet. Full videos of our escapades are included below. 

Before we get there though, some light housekeeping:

- It's good to be back in Chicago. I know you guys know that I know that. But I need to say it anyways. 

- There's a food fight coming next week with two complete meatheads screaming at each other in a public NYC park that should be absolutely fantastic. I don't want to over promise and under deliver but this one should be special. 

- We might get to weekly beef houses pretty soon but I need you guys to subscribe to Barstool Chicago on YouTube first. I think once we get to 25K on that I'll double down on the BH. But first I need the numbers so please go subscribe here: 

Full videos:

Snake Draft - Sandwich

Snake Draft - Recreational Games

Food Fights Episode 3

How To Make An Italian Beef

Carl & WSD Takeover The Rundown


Team Chicago vs. Smockin