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Beef House Volume 12

Welcome back to the Barstool Beef House - a one stop shop for everything going around Barstool Chicago. This week starts exactly like every other week: Dave Portnoy ripping on us because we're pathetic. Although to be fair this time it's our office that's pathetic. Always has been if we're being honest but whatever. Part of Beef House is just being honest with yourself. In this case it's pretty easy to laugh at moving blankets as a professional sound barrier. Totally not a big deal. 

Elsewhere we have some great stuff across Dog Walk, Red Line Radio and some bullshit around town. If you don't like it, please provide a formal submission to the Barstool Sports Suggestion Box

As promised, we'll be back every other Friday throughout the 2021 Barstool season. It's my goal to keep you guys looped in with all our bullshit. 

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