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Barstool Chicago Is Getting A New Office And That's Not Even Our Biggest News Of The Week (Beef House Volume 18)

Welcome back to Beef House - the Barstool Chicago biweekly round up. We're settling into a nice groove here every other Friday and hopefully that will turn weekly once we move into our new spot. Should be nice having more than 50 square/ft. per full time employee in Chicago and we're excited to see what becomes possible. 

But guess what. That's not even close to the biggest news of the week for us. We're basically crowned the Fried Chicken champs of Chicago. I never in my wildest dreams would've thought we'd be featured like this by the Jewels but that's life. One big surprise. 

Also huge news. Food Fights will be out next Friday. We went to Lakeview for an epic battle of hungover brunch vs. Crisp chicken wings. It's an all out brawl. Subscribe to our YouTube page so you don't miss it.