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Stoolgating Episode XILXVX: I Attempted The BWW "Blazing'" Challenge: 12 Of The Hottest Wings On The Planet

For episode of XILXVX of Stoolgating, this week I was talked into causing myself physical and mental pain by my coworkers for the entertainment of others. Don't say I never did nothing for ya. 300,000 Scoville aka 60x hotter than a jalapeño. 

Here's the challenge: 

- 12 wings
- 6 minutes
- no water, beer, milk, ranch, blue cheese, etc. until after the last wing is consumed

We talk quite frequently about the best time to drink Miller Lite - I can now say the best time to drink Miller Lite is directly following eating the hottest wings on earth. Cheers!!! 

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Now, Ed was in charge of ordering the wings. He said he ordered 15. Don't call me a cheater, because it's all Red Ed's fault. Fuck you, fuck Ed and fuck the communist party.