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The Goddamn Jets - Season 4 Episode 7 - The Top 10 Reasons Why Trevor Lawrence SHOULD Come Out Of School And Play For The Jets


With the Jets the only winless team remaining in the league, the Jets Tank is officially on and the talks of the number 1 pick and Trevor Lawrence coming to New York are officially on. And with that came a slew of articles and opinions from fans and talking heads alike - Trevor Lawrence should stay in school and avoid going to the Jets! There was even one report of an "NFL Advisor" telling Trevor to return to Clemson. Immediately my mind rushed to the worst case scenario. This kid has agents and managers and some sort of special advisors rallying against the Jets! 

Welp it turns out that special "advisor" was just...Roddy White? Former Falcon who now apparently was dubbed an "NFL Advisor" by the New York Post. So I decided, you know what - if Roddy White qualifies as a special advisor, than so do I. Who better to talk to Trevor about the pros and cons of life with the Jets. I've lived it for a very long time. I know its pretty bleak, I know its pretty grim. But, despite all that, theres a handful of things thats actually better about the Jets than any of the other franchises he'll end up going to. Let me get in a room with Trevor. Give me 20 mins and a Powerpoint and we'll have Trevor in green and white by May 1st. I present to you (and Trevor) the top 10 reasons he should come to the New York Jets

PS - He absolutely should stay in school and avoid the Jets at all costs.