I Found The White Sox Fan That Was Heckling The Astros With A Megaphone From A Balcony In San Diego

I saw this article in the NYT this week: 

Decided to give it a click because FUCK the Astros, and when I discovered this guy...

…was the guy carrying out the Lord's work with the megaphone. I don't embellish when I say this, he's the most White Sox fan looking dude in the history of White Sox fan looking dudes. The hair. The face stubble. The gut. The 2003 Kelly Wunsch jersey. 

It's majestic. All of it is majestic in every way. I audibly laughed out loud when I saw this pic for no other reason than he just reeks of White Sox fan stereotypes and I LOVE him for that. I NEEDED to pick his brain because of all of this. Figured I'd get my Bob Woodward on, do a little bit of investigative journalism and track him down. 

And by track him down I mean send a tweet asking if anyone knows the guy. That's I fired up the bat signal and asked someone to put me in touch with him. His name is Tim Kanter and he's from Clarendon Hills but lives in SD. He's been making the media rounds with the NYT, WGN and now us. 

Hilarious. Dude with a megaphone that can be heard from over 6000 feet away just calling out Altuve, Bregman, Correa and Springer for being the cheating scumbags they are.  I love everything about it.

Enjoy! Quickie little thing I wanted to do here. 

Go Auburn (hammered them today)