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20 Dollar Chef - California Gyro

I made this shit up pretty much. I used to love eating a California burrito when I lived on the west coast. That's a steak or chicken burrito with guac and fries. I wanted that, but I also wanted to eat naan bread. I mean there's really no connection to the gyro here, outside of the cucumber.  It just resembles one and I couldn't think of a better name for this. So it's now a California Gyro.  I grilled a NY strip, made some guac, cut up a cucumber and tossed a bag of fries in the oven and warmed up some naan bread. Done and done. 

It came out delicious and I will be making these again. 


- Cilantro

- Onion

- 3 Avocados

- 1 Jalpeno

- A few garlic gloves

- One roma tomato

- Salt and Pepper