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20 Dollar Chef - Spam, Egg & Cheese

Today on 20 Dollar Chef, I'm going with a Hawaiian favorite, Spam! A strong spam, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich will have me dancing while I eat it on a Sunday morning. I'm also addicted to cooking on a flat top grill. I just love the feeling I get, using those big ass spatulas to cook with. I hope to own a Waffle House some day so I can work a few shifts here and there. 

I used Hawaiian sweet rolls for this. Gives it that last added flavor that really ties this sandwich together. Cook your spam, make the eggs, melt the cheese on the spam, mix a little Sriracha and mayo together, toast your rolls,  add some lettuce and grab something ice cold to drink. 

It’s the little pleasures that add up. I love this sandwich so much. Way under budget here. Spam is $3.99, a few slices of cheese, a .99 cent head of lettuce and a 3.99 thing of Hawaiian sweet rolls and its on. 


  • Spam
  • Cheese slices
  • Eggs
  • Hawaiian sweet rolls
  • Butter
  • Sriracha & Mayo mixed together to dress this bitch up. 
  • Lettuce (Or Not.)