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20 Dollar Chef - Chicken Lo Mein

Today on 20 Dollar Chef, my homie Todd got a flat top grill. I love cooking on these things. They make you feel like the grill man at Waffle House. I went with a chicken Lo Mein for this episode. Very easy recipe. Cook the chicken, cut and cook the veggies, cook your noodles throw all ingredients together and add your stir-fry sauce! Topped with sesame seeds and garnished with scallions.  I need to get one of thee things fast man. I want to do onion volcanos so bad. I can't wait to make brunch on one of these asap! 


- 1.5 lbs. of chicken breast. ( More for more people obviously.)

- 3 Carrots

- 1 or 2 onions

- Bok choy

- Scallions

- Lo mein noodles

- Stir fry sauce

- Sesame seeds ( 100% NESSESARY!)

- Garlic Salt and pepper