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20 Dollar Chef - Labatt Blue Beer Can Chicken

Today on 20 Dollar Chef, I went with an extremely easy Recipe. Beer can chicken. Obviously I used my favorite beer in this recipe, Labatt Blue! 

This chicken was 3 lbs. and cost $6 dollars. I cut an onion up and shoved it up the cavity. For the rub I first made a garlic butter to coat the chicken.( Garlic and butter.) Then I made my own little spices concoction and spread both the garlic butter and spices generously on and in the chicken. Thats it. Add your been can up the cavity and throw her on the grill. You can cover to and it will certainly cook faster. I went open fire cause it was more fun. I also wrapped it in foil after an hour or so to help it cook a bit faster. 

 It took about 3 hours for this chicken to get to 165 degrees. It came out moist, flavorful and delicious. Great summer time recipe! 

Grab a case of ice cold Labatt Blue, a $6 dollar chicken and do work on the grill.

Here is a low cost beer can chicken stand on Amazon.  

Want to see where they sell Labatt in your area? 

Here is the link to help you!