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20 Dollar Chef - Stoner Cones

Today on 20 Dollar Chef, i'm going chocolate overload. A chocolate dipped waffle cone with ice cream and some favorite toppings. 

It's a tale as old as time. When you smoke weed, sweets taste a zillion times better. One of my favorite parts of smoking is the way I become focused on the task at hand. Stoned me can make anything a huge project. So that’s what today’s episode is, a project. 

This episode isn’t about any certain recipe. It’s about indulging in a good old fashion stoner, dessert project. Just you in the zone building some shit that fat you can’t wait to eat. I enjoy doing these because It gives me a chance to resurrect nostalgic flavors form my childhood. I used to love smashing Nutter Butters and Cookie Crisp cereal. So those are what I tossed into this project. 

This idea hit me on a grocery store run. I was masked up and remembered enjoying a waffle cone once that was dipped in chocolate. I wanted that again. Once the mission starts it’s hard to stop it. So I bought a bag of chocolate chips, melted them down and dipped the waffle cone in the melted chocolate chips. Then put the cones in the freezer for a couple hours. 

Once the chocolate froze on the cone it was time to go work. I added ice cream, then some smashed up nutter butters, more ice cream, smashed up some cookie crisp, more ice cream, some almonds and chocolate syrup. 

The idea here is to dive into flavors you used to love in your younger years. When I’m stoned Nostalgia really shines in what I eat. 

Smoke a joint, pick your favorites, smash them up and add them onto a cone and enjoy a moment of timeless enjoyment.