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20 Dollar Chef - Seis De Mayo Asada

Today on 20 Dollar Chef, I went with a classic day after Cinco De Mayo, recipe. You have 2 lbs. of skirt steak left. Lets make it today. 

One of my all time favorite foods, Carne Asada. This comes down to the marinade. The minimum marinate time here is 2 hours. I'd suggest overnight. The citrus in this marinade makes this meat taste perfect. The right amount of salt, the salsa, the hot tortillas. Eating these tacos properly concocted is me at my best. A real “nothing can fuck with me,” kind of moment. The Carne asada taco is the highlight of my eating habits. Growing up on the Mexican border really spoils you with this menu item. I was hooked early on and its never once gotten old to me. 

As I eat these tacos I want to have the option to grab a few radishes and sliced cucumbers to mix in. Those textures and flavors are a winning combo with the taco. If i'm feeling ballsie, I'll take a bite of that roasted jalapeño. Then to close it all out with a nice swig of my beer to wash it all down… Pure enjoyment. 

I enjoy black beans the most these days, so I went with that as a side dish. They are easy, light and take almost no time. Which is good because I'd rather be outside focused on the meat with a beer in my hand, tongs in the other, feeling the breeze. 

Get some good ass tortillas, fresh salsa, and a couple lbs of meat, we have work to do. 

Happy grilling! 

 (I have my salsa recipe at the top of the @20DollarChef Instagram page. )

Carne Asada Marinade:

2 lbs. Skirt steak ( Or more.) 

2 oranges ( One to squeeze juice and one to add the orange slices to the bag,)

2 Limes

2 lemons

1 onion

1 jalapeno 

Half thing of cilantro

Salt and Pepper  

Some light beer