Barstool Rundown - April 28, 2020

The Rundown is presented by Fleischman Salon

- Erica’s been our favorite for years. She’s been cutting so many people's hair from Barstool for the longest time

- She’s got a legit track record in men’s hair, starting off as a one woman show in 2007 and building her business up to 4 salons.

- Last week Fleischman Salon launched their Damn Good Hair Product line with everything you need to keep your hair clean, healthy, and styled.

- Since no one can get haircuts right now, you need products now more than ever to keep your hair clean, healthy, and styled so you can look good on all your zoom meetings and Facetime calls.

- Our favorite product is the Day At The Beach sea salt spray to get perfect surfer hair.

- Fleischman has you covered with their shampoo, conditioner, styling products, and hair vitamins.

- Go to and shop with promo code “RUNDOWN” for 20% off your first order. They are going to be using the proceeds from sales to pay their staff while they are shut down and her team of stylists aren’t able to work.



- Flowers are blooming, the grass is growing, and it’s time to mow your lawn. And that's why Manscaped is here to offer precision-engineered tools to get the job done right.

- Manscaped is forever changing the grooming game with their Perfect Package 3.0 Essentials Kit

- The Perfect Package 3.0 Kit comes with the new and improved Lawn Mower 3.0. It's a waterproof, cordless body trimmer that features a cutting edge ceramic blade to prevent manscaping accidents.

- Subscribers get a new replacement blade refill for your Lawn Mower trimmer delivered to your door every 3 months

- The perfect package also includes the Crop Preserver -- an anti-chafing ball deodorant and moisturizer.

- For a limited time, subscribers get not one… but TWO FREE GIFTS — the Shed Travel bag and anti-chafing Manscaped Boxer Briefs

- Get 20% Off + Free Shipping, with the code RUNDOWN at