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20 Dollar Chef - Panko Crusted Ahi

I could eat Ahi everyday with ease. Tuna has to be my favorite fish. I also love anything with Panko. I got these two, tuna steaks for like $6 or $7 bucks each. Priced to sell, fam! It was vacuum sealed and tasted wonderful. I've seared tuna 1000 times and used sesame seeds a ton. As many times as I've used Panko I'm was surprised i've never used it for ahi tuna. 

So for the recipe I used both sesame seeds and Panko, and it came out wonderful. My girlfriend found the ready to go edamame  and with or without some rice, this dish comes together nice. 

The ponzu and Sriracha have this dish sitting perfect. Lots of color, lots of flavor and this recipe will keep you light on your feet.