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Another Beautiful Day, Another Dose of Sunshine

Somehow we did it. Kate and I made it to Week 2 of Mornin' Sunshine without being canceled. I doubt we'll make Week 3, so here goes nothing.

On today's show, we:

  • Get a glimpse of a woman in crisis, as she changes her hair color in a desperate bid for attention.
  • Watch me admit that because of a clothing crisis in quarantine, I've turned to wearing my wife's underwear. (I'm told this part has been cut for time.)
  • Horoscopes!

Please watch. Please. I mean shit you watch Dave opening boxes and Marty hitting ping pong balls down a staircase and Big Cat cosplaying as a fat guy, the least you could do is watch me and Kate pretend to be funny for 10 damn minutes. Please. PLEASE.