Mornin' Sunshine: Weatherman Gets Trashed & Tommy Smokes Jokes

Happy Thursday! We're almost to the weekend!

Have to admit.. Today's episode was a bit off because 1) I accidentally threw our weatherman Nick out in Big Cat's trash pile like a pair of misplaced ear pods, 2) Brandon had to go do a better, fancier show so we had to flip things around host-wise, and 3) Tommy Smokes randomly appeared under the guise of having to do a TikTok in the green screen room but then never went away. And I mean that genuinely.. neither Nick, Brandon, or I asked him in there but somehow he's in the whole episode. Thankfully his jokes are unparalleled. 

On the docket: 

-Intern trash dig

-Nick & I literally just scroll through the site and read headlines because we're awful, lazy people

-Weather with... Brandon

Have a great day!

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