Mornin' Sunshine: The Fart Episode

Well, there's only one way to explain this shitshow of an episode, and that's with lame excuses. 

What had happened was, is that we normally only have about a 1.5hr window that matches up for us to brainstorm/write/record Mornin' Sunshine between our other projects. On this particular day a Jenga game that should have taken Brandon 30 minutes wound up taking over an hour & going 40 rounds... Who could have forseen such a thing? What an asshole!

But that left us in a jam. No time to write the show and only 30 minutes to come up with an idea & tape it before I had radio & he had Walk The Line. So what to do? What to fall back on in the notebook of classic comedy tropes? 

Ah yes, of course - farts. 

The whole thing was pretty much just one take the whole way through winging it by the seat of our browned-out pants & thus... The Fart Episode.

Next week will be better, we promise! (ahahahahaha jk)

Anyways, on the docket for today:

- Call Her Daddy has a new sex move

- Erika Nardini claps back at a reporter

- Weather fartcast with Nick

- PSA from W.A.F.T. (It's cool to fart!)

Sorry if you watched this haha Happy Thursday, you're almost to the weekend! 

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