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20 Dollar Chef - Quick Ass Teriyaki Chicken

Today on 20 Dollar Chef I'm went with a quick ass teriyaki chicken dish. I've been on a quest to help regular people with no cooking background like myself, cook for a while now. I get lost in the recipes sometimes. Being in this quarantine has made me look at cooking differently. I feel so much more rushed and uncomfortable at the grocery store now. Wondering if this was the trip someone in there slipped through the cracks and got this shit. 

I can't stand around in the  spices isle and figure shit out or wonder what I should buy that will be a strong addition to my spice game. No more slowing gliding through the produce wondering which new veggie I should try out while i’m trying to remember if I still have onions or should I get more..

Now I rush in and more than half my focus is making sure I don’t run into anyone or get to close. This shit has ruined shopping, which sucks because thats half the fun. 

On top of all that, a ton of people are being forced to cook when they probably don't like it one bit. People who loves teriyaki but will never i a lifetime try to make that shit from scratch. Cooking can be much easier. It's ok to not be Gordon Ramsey. Meet the meal half way. Cut some veggies and chicken, toss them in a baking pan, pour in your ready-made teriyaki sauce and bake that shit at 400 degrees for 40 mins. Pour over some rice and call it a dinner. I wasn't sure how it would come out but I have to say it came out great. Was a quick ass prep and very easy to make and very tasty.