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Sports: Reimagined - What If The Sixers Didn't Trade Up To Draft Markelle Fultz #1 Overall?

This is a new series Barstool is whipping out where we switch up iconic moments.  KFC watches Carlos Beltran actually make contact, Eddie dreams Jordan misses his final (real) shot vs. the Jazz, Carrabis hardos Aaron Boone from hitting a Game 7 ALCS dinger to send the Yankees to the 2003 WS, etc.  

The question was brought upon me what would Philly's (recently historic) iconic moment that would change history forever if it went another way?  Obviously only thinking negative, my mind went directly to Joe Carter in Game 6 in '93.  Although that moment ended my childhood on the spot, it happened a little too long ago for this.  So what would be the other nominees besides obviously not drafting a #1 overall basketball pick that, you know, couldn't basketball?  Here's what I had off the top of my head, keep in mind these are SINGLE moments/plays, so you can't go back and change up Cliff Lee's entire Game 2 NLDS in 2011 where they were up by 4 runs and blew themselves 5-4 or switch all games 2, 3, 4, and 5 of the 2001 NBA Finals.  Stuff like that.  Here's what I got off the top of the noggin:

- Kawhi missing the Game 7 impossible doink shot 

- Alshon Jeffrey catches Nick Foles dart slant pass vs Saints in 2018 playoffs

- McNabb throws TD instead of Pick 6 to Ronde Barber in 2002 NFC Championship Game at The Vet (they would still be down and prob wouldn't win)

- Patrick Kane misses shot in overtime in 2010 Stanley Cup Finals

- Phillies trade for Roy Halladay...but DON'T trade Cliff Lee after '09 WS (seriously, wtf was that, Amaro?)

- Ryan Howard hits a homer to tie - nay, just fucking WALKS in the last AB of 2011 in Game 5 vs. the Cardinals and he doesn't tear his shit out of the box

- Riley Cooper doesn't drop easy catch on a drag route where he was WIDE OPEN in '14 playoffs vs. Saints (Chip Kelly wins that game and...holy hell)

- Fuck Danny Watkins

- Sixers trade for McGrady in '99 goes through 

- TO stops doing sit-ups in his driveway, says he's going to do whatever helps the team regardless of his contract, and the Eagles win the next 8 Super Bowls

Anything else?  Let me know we're live all day.  Chime in: 

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