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Social Distancing: The Game Show - Watch Stoolies Finish That Lyric On "Heard Immunity"

You've heard of herd immunity, but have you heard of Heard Immunity? Its the newest game show challenge sweeping the internet, ya heard! Two contestants, both OG OG OG Stoolies, Mitch and Meagan, went toe to toe, stream to stream with a 5 round SLOBBER KNOCKER finishing the lyrics to popular songs. 

Round 1 - Classic Rock Songs White People Like

Round 2 - Classic Rap Songs White People Like

Round 3 - When I Get That Feeling, I Need Sexual Healing

Round 4 - Boy Band Challenge

Round 5 - Lyrics To Old Town Road That You Think You Know, but Nobody Actually Does

Another great round of competition, and another chunk of money raised for Corona Virus efforts. If you want to participate, donate at least a dollar over at the donation page (