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The Goddamn Jets Season 3 Episode 19 - RUN THE TABLE

What planet am I on? What’s going on right now? Who am I watching? What team is this? It honestly feels like it’s an entirely different season right now with Sam Darnold and the Goddamn Jets. Like it’s hard for me to accept that this is the same team that I was watching when we were talking about Mono and Luke Falk and Kelechi Osemele. The Trade Deadline drama seems like an eternity ago. Because the Jets are well in their way to a 5 game win streak and they are doing it IN STYLE. 34 points in 3 straight games. Taking out a couple garbage time TDs the Redskins scored and they have out scored the opposition 68-6 the last two weeks. Running reverse flea flickers and big yardage plays. Efficient QB play. Solid head coaching. Marauding defense. I mean the biggest concern I have the next couple weeks is whether or not Jamal Adams is gonna break the sack record. 

You can’t blame the schedule anymore, either. The Raiders are a solid team with a veteran QB, and the Jets smacked them the same way they did the Skins. With the Ravens, Steelers and Bills looming to close out the season, the Jets still have a mountain to climb if they actually have post season aspirations. But the fact that we can even have that discussion is a minor miracle, and it’s a testament to Sam fucking Darnold. Not only a testament to how talented he is, but how resilient he is. In a season that he could have easily packed it in and blamed a freak illness, instead he’s stepped up and proven to be that franchise QB we envisioned on draft night. 

And shout out to Adam Gase too. I have crushed him more than anybody else, but having a team that started 1-7 in the hunt and making some noise like this is remarkable. Can’t do that without some solid work from the sidelines. Hats off to everybody, particularly guys like Berios and Griffin. The franchise cornerstones are leading and other guys are stepping up and following their lead. The first half of this season, when we were drowning in Mono and Luke Falk and off the field drama, week after week I said all I wanted to see was entertaining football. Well this team is delivering that and then some.



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