20 Dollar Chef - The Old Fashioned.

On this episode of 20 Dollar Chef I went with a classic cocktail,  The Old Fashioned. I used to work at a bar in Venice Beach, “The Townhouse.” I think it’s the oldest bar in LA. The best part of this job was the afternoon bartender, George. George was a man among men. (He is pictured below.)

George was one of the best story tellers i’ve ever meet. He commanded the room and made you feel great when you sat in front of him at his bar. He made an amazing Old Fashioned. I always ordered one when I sat at his bar.

It’s one of my favorite cocktails. There is an honor that goes with this drink. So why not get good at making them for your friends. Keeping the tradition of this perfect cocktail, alive. Plus you instantly become more intellectual the moment this whiskey hits your lips. 

All you need is:

An Orange

Brown Sugar cubes

A splash of water


Google different ways to attack this cocktail and be as well rounded a craft cocktail specialist as possible. 

Thank you for watching. 

Thanks George!! I’m pretty sure he’s still running the afternoon shifts at the Townhouse, go say hi!