20 Dollar Chef - Spooky-Ass Cocktail

On this episode of the 20 Dollar Chef, I went with a spooky ass cocktail. Yes, Halloween was last night, but everyone will be partying in costumes all weekend, so it still plays. I made a simple Chambord Martini. Ingredients: Chambord, Vodka, garnish with some berries, pour over the dry ice and BOOM! You’re in business.

(Once the drink is made you can throw in a 2 count of the Blue Curacao to give it a dark blue bottom layer of color. It goes away kind of fast though.) Also, the pearl dust( Found in the baking section of Micheal’s or a bake shop.) Just give a small glitter affect to the drink. This will pop more in lighter color drinks than dark purple.

At the end of the day, as long as you have the dry ice any drink can be spooky. If you’re having a get together and you’re playing home bartender, this is a really fun idea.

For the record, Chambord is a bit pricey. You can always sub in a no name Raspberry Liqueur and save cash. 

Happy Halloween and thanks for watching!