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20 Dollar Chef - Champagne Cocktails n Strong Boyfriend Skills

I’m a boyfriend. I’ve been a loose cannon for quite some time. luckily,  I really got my fill of the single party life living in Indianapolis for 3 years. Folks there go hard. I was one for those folks. Then I meet an extremely amazing woman who gets me and loves me for whatever human I’ve become.

These days I still drink, being almost 41 I don’t drink like I used to. It’s more of a controlled habit. I assume most humans who party go through what I currently am. You used to be an animal, you still have it in you from time to time, but you drink with less motivation of blacking out and more of a focus on having fun and remembering the good time and the people you drink with. (Shout out to those awesome folks I blacked out with but don’t remember.)

I drink with my lady and her friends and family a lot these days. ( I drink way more than her.) I now really enjoy busting out new recipes on her and helping her find new drinks she enjoys. It feels good to know you showed someone something new they really love. You may never make this drink, but I hope it inspires you to show extra effort for the person you love. Nothing feels better than someone making you feel like 1 in a million.

Shopping list:

White peaches. (Or whatever they have.)

Sugar (Making simple syrup is extremely easy!)


Prosecco Champagne

Go be the best boyfriend you can and enjoy a couples’ Sunday!

Also, for the comment haters, I hope you find peace someday. We all fuck up,  We all lose our shit. If you never do, I will envy you for being perfect.