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20 Dollar Chef - Airport Hack

Today on the 20 Dollar Chef, a quick airport hack. Some flights I’m sober. Other flights, like vacation kickoff flights, weekend getaway flights, etc. I get on a plane with one mission: Get a buzz rocking good and early. Treat the flight like it’s the getting-ready portion of a night out. When I’m in this mode, flight attendants just don’t come with the speed needed to facilitate my party needs. Something had to be done. I’m somewhat ashamed of myself for not thinking to do this until I was 40 years old. Better late than never I guess.

So here it is:

I’m sure I’m not the only person to ever bring a Yeti and a few small bottles of vodka in their backpack through security. Then grab a mixer (Soda, Juice, etc.) at the newsstand store, then grab some ice from a coffee shop (DO NOT WAIT IN LINE. Go to the barista serving the drinks) then mix it all together and walk onto my flight with a 32 ounce cocktail.

In case anyone wasn’t in the know, watch and let me help you help yourself.

Thank you for watching.