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You Have To Be Ready When An NFL Team Calls, Even If That Means Practicing Your 5-Step Drops At Planet Fitness

Look, NFL training camps are opening up across the country as we speak, and just because you didn’t get on the initial invite list does NOT mean your dreams of making an NFL roster are over. As we all know too well, the NFL season is filled with injuries and the people in camp right now are not necessarily the people that will be taking snaps come late December. So what are you going to do to make sure you’re ready when your number is called? You’re going to go to the local Planet Fitness, pick up a weight, take your five step drop, and work on arm strength.


Okay, jokes over. This guy is a complete asshole. And such a weirdo! If you’re doing this to go viral and be on Barstool, then congrats you hit your goal. But there is not one other acceptable reason on this entire Earth as to why you are dropping back to pass in a Planet Fitness. I don’t care if you have an NFL game, a flag football championship, or even if that’s just how you enjoy to work out. Literally every single person in the gym is looking at you and thinking you’re a loser. Take it from someone who is really cool, like me, that this is not want you want to be seen doing. Especially when you throw like this!

Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 11.54.35 AM

Yikes. Tuck in the elbow a little bit there, chief. Or maybe work on your pass blocking instead. You’re not a quarterback.