20 Dollar Chef - Jo Koy

I’ve known Jo Koy for a handful of years from being in the LA comedy scene for over 10 years. He’s been a monster since the day I first saw him crush back in 2005 at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood. His fame and following have caught to his talents on stage. I recently watched Jo Koy at one of his 2 sold-out shows at the Beacon Theatre, in NYC. He kills on another level. The crowd comes together in a way that very few comics have reached. Clearly why he sells thousands of tickets in every single major market he plays.

This is hands down one of the funniest episodes in this shows 160 or so episodes. I had a great time cooking with Jo and cannot watch to go home tonight, watch his brand new special, “Comin’ In Hot.” on Netflix.

That’s tonight! June 12th, Only on Netflix! Jo Koy, “Comin’ In Hot.”