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20 Dollar Chef - Sausage Tortellini Soup n Guest Chris Distefano

On this episode of the 20 Dollar Chef, I cook up some Sauage Tortellini soup with my man, Chris Distefano. You might recognize Chris from MTV’s ‘Guy Code’, or his IFC show, “Benders,’ or his current show on Comedy Central, “Stupid Questions.” most recently my man Chrissy Bitch hips really light up the silver screen with his 1-hour Comedy Central special, “Size 38 Waist.” This kid is a superstar. He’s taking over and you better hop on and enjoy the ride. Chris isn’t much of a cook at home, as you’ll see in this episode. Either way, we had a great time and he left unscathed.


We might have had too much fun, hope you all enjoy this episode!

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